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Core Services

Unique IT Services for Your Business

Mobility Solutions

Mobile Devices are becoming mandatory. All the Enterprises and end Users are utilizing them for their daily information needs.

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Web Technologies

The web is in our workplace,living room & our pockets. The web is no longer accessed just through a browser + desktop combination.

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Enterprize Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP provides an integrated view of core business processes, real-time, using common DB maintained by a DBMS

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Cloud computing promises the speed, agility and scalability to drive innovation and lower costs, it helps to have a cloud consulting partner .

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Karma Solutions has a decade of experience in executing many agile projects in both onsite and offshore models.

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Karma Solutions’ consulting services help leading organizations define, design and execute strategies to drive business.

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Onshore/Offshore model

Market growth depends on the combination of clients, economics and few cost related issues.

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Business Analytics

Most of the decisions till recently were based on expert judgment, rule of thumb or in some cases intuition.

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IT applications that work for you

A full-service IT consulting company, Karma Solutions Inc. is based in New Jersey USA with a branch office in Pune India. We apply unique and appropriate technology solutions for your small or medium-sized business to make it smoother, more productive and more technology efficient. The effect of our solutions is always aligned to your objectives. Our strategy is to understand, innovate and apply for a successful solution that works for your business. Using powerful, state-of-the art development tools our technicians then build your system from the ground up.

As unique as your requirements.

Like no Karma is the same, no two businesses are the same. We understand that and we believe the technology supporting your business operations should reflect the specific needs of your company. Our unique IT solutions are based on the same principle. To learn more about us and how our individual solutions can work for you.

So that you can get to your business.

Help us understand your vision and we’ll help to make sure that it’s a seamless transition… Be it migrating to a new platform? Or planning on your IT budget? Or facing on lack the resources to develop new software? Discover our full range of services and find out how we can make technology work for you.